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so i know there is a lot of drama going on about the whole fushimi and yata stuff in the novel, i have read up on it as much as i can at the moment, and as much as it’s disapointing for me, as i feel like all the art for it was just a scheme to get the fangirls buying their shit. not that it’s really cannon. 

which is a let down. i still shipp it, though somehow i have a feeling it will never be cannon :C i’m sorry guys. i will be so happy if they make it cannon, but so many people where looking forward to the novel, including me to see if fushimi left because of yata. of which he didn’t, so this rules out any possible cannon for me unless, something grows in the future rather than past actions, but to me i feel like gora is going to keep this on the IT COULD BE GAY BUT IT’S NOT, level.

i can see from a lot of fans point of view why they might have dropped the shipp, it’s a let down when you see something that was not what you expected, but if you really liked the characters together, as a yaoi fangirl i am, you should like them together no matter what, i mean come on we all knew it was never gonna be cannon anyway, it was all just us hoping xD

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