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been working on my carl clover figure again -A-

the back of the hair had an accident so i had to make another one, wasn’t looking forward to it, the dail on the cooker is broke so i don’t know the right temperature on the oven    BOUND TO GO WELL. i burnt the first hair to a crisp xD 

so this is how it looks so far, also redid the eyes as i wasn’t happy with how it looked.


… boku no carl? ¬3¬

9/11 is always like: “never forget”… why? some of us want to forget. 

not because we want to be assholes to all the people who died, or we don’t give a shit.

but because we have feelings and we care, we don’t want to be reminded that so many people died on that day, as it’s not a nice thing to be shoved in your face.

not to sound like a dick but the dead people aren’t gonna see what your doing. so don’t we need to “forget”. for those out there who don’t want to remember such a devastating event. i can only imagine the pain and heartache all the people who lost someone from it feel when they have to be reminded of it every year.

yeah just bring back all the horrible memories for the people who are still alive without their family and the ones they loved.

People read the manga of tokyo ghoul please, you have no idea what your missing.

they ruined the torture section to the max, i’m not bothered by how rushed it was and more the lack of emotional torture that kaneki was going through during those parts. 

the rest of the episode was good, just why. i mean i kinda expected as much since they where censoring everything, i was wondering how they where even gonna do any of the torture parts.

and wtf was with the camera angle always avoiding kaneki’s face.

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