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These are some of my personal disliked concepts used in anime/manga.

Main characters with hardly any depth (used just as a plotpoint/releationship insert)

Female annoying characters shown as pathetic individuals, who need someone to always help them with everything.

Ilogical sized breasts, and physics, fanservice used where it’s not needed.

Having to explain everything in detail for stuff that was already explained in one sentence, (brb sleeping)

Forced comedy.

Story lines ruined by plotpoints that make no sense, and or break up the whole foundation the story was based on.

Harems (this includes reverse harems)

Yaoi/boys love, that the uke character is always shown as an underage teen and the seme is shown as a 30 year old man. (don’t forget yaoi hands)

female characters that are always trying to get into the main guys pants. (i’m looking at you sao) also the same for guys trying to do it women.

slow story and character development, that drags on way too long.

male characters that just let all the females whore themselves out with them, and don’t say “no”

Sickly cute yuri.

Hetro realtionships where the guy that the girl falls for is always an asshole.

anyone know of any animes that don’t have anything that i mentioned?

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