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the new five nights at freddy’s “bonnie” is getting a lot of slack for kinda stupid reasons in my opinion

I don’t see why it’s an issue about what gender it is unless all you care about is fucking it? it shouldn’t matter, afterall it was not only the characters but the game concept that we loved :3

Another thing is people are talking as if bonnie has died and it’s not the same robot, if you notice this image is trying to represent that it’s newer but basicly the same robot inside, so it’s pretty much bonnie with a repaint.

for all you guys know, bonnie might still work and start moving around without the face on which would be pretty creepy and a really neat idea.

untill any game mechanics have been revealed and all the information i don’t think poeple should be flipping out so much, i’m more worried about how good the game will be and what changes they will make.

I get so annoyed at people who open booster packs getting free awesome cards sent to them in the mail… 

it’s like they are already wealthy enough to buy 6 booster boxes, at $121 each and have a PO box adress, do you know how much that costs? it costs $162 for just a month.

they don’t deserve it -_- remember your sending it to someone who is already rolling in money that they could just outright buy said cards. thats like sending superstars flatscreen tv’s.

A new pokemon expansion has come out in japan called phantom gate!

it’s an amazing set, which contains lots of new ex’s and full arts, though i’m most excited about the mega gengar and gengar ex and full art -w- 


I have to say that this expansions promos are really awesome so far, they have a promo going on at the moment, that if you buy something worth over 15$ at the pokemon centre you will get this guy free, however i don’t know how long it’s on for, and if you live anywhere else but america you can’t get this deal, so buying it on ebay would be a good alternative.


There is also a promo of a pikachu ditto! it looks awesome, i don”t know how you get this one or if you can anymore but i have seen it on sale at multiple places.


Another is a theme deck with a dialga ex and a secret rare full metal dialga! though your chances of getting one is about 1 out of 6 boxes from what i have seen so far, so it’s a random chance.

this box is amazing and i really hope it comes out in english, as i have a theory they will make the full metal dialga like the gold cards and you have to pull it out the normal boosters.




that dialga is seriously an amazing card, i have seen it go from $45 to $107 so it’s pretty rare.

but all these cards are super awesome, i’m really excited for phantom gate to come out in english which should be in november sometime so i can’t wait for that i’m gonna get loads of boosters and hope for that mega gengar >w<

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